Dutch Clog Slippers

Dutch Clog Slippers

During a winter visit to Amsterdam, you will notice that every souvenir shop has two items prominently displayed: hats & clog slippers. Because nobody likes cold ears, and warm feet are super pleasant after a long day of museum visits. A pair of warm clog slippers ensures that whatever happens you always have nice and warm feet. Because what could be better than walking through the house, drinking a hot cup in your hand with a few bright yellow clog slippers on your feet? Every Sunday morning it immediately gets a lot happier.

Wooden shoe slippers or clog slippers? 

Yes, you might accidentally want to call them wooden shoe slippers, as they look like the famous Dutch wooden clogs. But they are made of soft materials, and thus can only be called "clog slippers". 

Who doesn't like these typical Dutch clog slippers?

These felt clog slippers are not only comfortable, but they are also fun to give! Available in all sizes and beautifully packaged in a sturdy gift bag, they are a perfect gift for babies, children, and adults! Yes, the Dutch are this mad about clogs that you can get baby sized clog slippers. For children, there are the smaller orange slippers for the real Dutchie, and of course delft blue Miffy ones for fans of our favorite Dutch rabbit. 

Clog slippers are lightweight and therefore easy to carry in your luggage, very different from a pair of real wooden clogs. Of course, you cannot walk in a field or in the mud with them, but on a flat floor, they are perfect. The anti-slip studs on the bottom ensure that you have a good grip, even on a slippery floor.

Isn't extremely bright yellow your color? We also have them in Delft blue, with the famous kissing couple or the Amsterdam coat of arms!

Below you can find a few examples, or visit the clog slipper category page on our website for all available slippers. We have both men's clog slippers and women's clog slippers.

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