Pills and mirror boxes

Our pill boxes , mirror boxes and manicure sets are useful travel items. Small and light to take with you and beautifully decorated. Very suitable as a gift.
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  1. Delft blue mirror
    Delft blue mirror
  2. Delft Blue Toiletry Bag
    Delft Blue Toiletry Bag
  3. Fan "Blue Tulips"
    Fan "Blue Tulips"
  4. Manicure Set "Amsterdam"
    Manicure Set "Amsterdam"
  5. Manicure Set "Delft Blue"
    Manicure Set "Delft Blue"
  6. Manicure Set "Van Gogh"
    Manicure Set "Van Gogh"
  7. Mirror box Mill delftblue
    Mirror box Mill delftblue
  8. Mirrorbox Mill and Boat, round
    Mirrorbox Mill and Boat, round
    Now Only €5.49 Regular Price €7.95
  9. Pilbox Sunflowers
    Pilbox Sunflowers
  10. Sku: 248
    Pill box coloured Tulips
  11. Pillbox delftblue mill
    Pillbox delftblue mill
  12. Pillbox Dutch Mill
    Pillbox Dutch Mill
    Now Only €5.95 Regular Price €6.95
  13. Pillbox Tulips, Metal
    Pillbox Tulips, Metal
  14. Pocket mirror "Girl with Pearl"
    Pocket mirror "Girl with Pearl"
    Now Only €5.49 Regular Price €7.95
  15. Hairbrush "Blue Tulips"
    Hairbrush "Blue Tulips"
    Out of stock
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