Delft Blue Tulip Vases

Looking for a beautiful tulip vase? The Delft Blue tulip vase is made as a showpiece. A vase that is completely made to use flowers and tulips in particular. From the 17th century, the tulip vase was developed in Delft. They are put on the table, sometimes without the flowers. There are many variations on the tulip vase, from a simple table vase to complete tulip pyramids.
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  1. Elegant flowers Tulip vase, 3 parts, 40 cm
    Elegant flowers Tulip vase, 3 parts, 40 cm
    Now Only €96.95 Regular Price €99.95
  2. Tulip vase on legs "Landscape" - Small
    Tulip vase on legs "Landscape" - Small
    Now Only €28.50 Regular Price €29.95
  3. Delft Blue vase "Magnolia"
    Delft Blue vase "Magnolia"
    Now Only €74.95 Regular Price €149.00
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