Mills remain favored among visitors to the Netherlands, and more typically Dutch than this is almost impossible. We offer a choice of souvenir windmills in all types, sizes and colors. A number of wind turbines also have a spin-up mechanism with music. Windmills appeared for the first time around 1200 in the Netherlands, probably in Limburg. Wind power was used for pumping water, grinding flour and spices. Over the centuries, the Dutch have been hard at work to improve their windmills. In 1592, Cornelis Corneliszoon received a patent for the invention of the wood saw mill. The industrial revolution and the arrival of the steam engine was the end for many traditional windmills. In recent times the Dutch have been building many new windmills to generate electricity, as the wind is a constant force in our low country.
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  1. Syrupwaffles with Windmill Gift Set
    Syrupwaffles with Windmill Gift Set
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