Delft Blue Dinnerware

Delft blue crockery is there to be used, the Delft blue Dutch pottery in its many decorations is a 16th century variation on the existing Dutch crockery. Our Delft Blue utensils are very practical, for example, a storage jar, glass, pillbox, napkin holder or a byoux box. But also teabag holders, or teapots make very nice additions to any Dutch table.
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  1. Breakfast plate Paauw
    Breakfast plate Paauw
    Now Only €18.95 Regular Price €19.95
  2. Delft blue wine stopper Flower
    Delft blue wine stopper Flower
    Now Only €12.95 Regular Price €15.95
  3. Egg cup "Peacock"
    Egg cup "Peacock"
    Now Only €8.75 Regular Price €9.75
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