Blue Fold Tableware

The "Blue Fold" ceramic is an encounter between the Asian folding art Origami and the Dutch Delft blue. The ceramic traditions of Asia and the Netherlands are inextricably linked, because each has each other over the centuries affected.

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  1. Blauw Vouw Jug
    Blauw Vouw Jug
  2. Blue Fold Tealight Holder
    Blue Fold Tealight Holder
  3. Dinner Plate "Blauw Vouw"
    Dinner Plate "Blauw Vouw"
  4. Bowl "Blue Fold"
    Bowl "Blue Fold"
  5. Cake Plate "Blauw Vouw"
    Cake Plate "Blauw Vouw"
  6. Cappuccino Cup "Blue Vouw"
    Cappuccino Cup "Blue Vouw"
  7. Soup bowl "Blauw Vouw"
    Soup bowl "Blauw Vouw"
  8. Coffee Cup  "Blauw Vouw"
    Coffee Cup "Blauw Vouw"
  9. Coffee Cup "Blue Fold", set of 2
    Coffee Cup "Blue Fold", set of 2
    Now Only €18.95 Regular Price €19.50
  10. Cup and saucer "Blue Fold"
    Cup and saucer "Blue Fold"
  11. Vase "Blue Fold 1"
    Vase "Blue Fold 1"
  12. Vase "Blue Fold 2"
    Vase "Blue Fold 2"
  13. Vase "Blue Fold 3"
    Vase "Blue Fold 3"
  14. Vase "Blue Fold XL"
    Vase "Blue Fold XL"
  15. Dipping Bowl "Blauw Vouw"
    Dipping Bowl "Blauw Vouw"
  16. Pastry Dish "Blauw Vouw"
    Pastry Dish "Blauw Vouw"
  17. Multi plate "Blue Fold"
    Multi plate "Blue Fold"
  18. Pasta plate "Blue Fold"
    Pasta plate "Blue Fold"
  19. Serving dish "Blue Fold"
    Serving dish "Blue Fold"
  20. Teapot "Blue Fold"
    Teapot "Blue Fold"
  21. Wall Vase "Blue Fold"
    Wall Vase "Blue Fold"
  22. Yoghurt Bowl "Blauw Vouw"
    Yoghurt Bowl "Blauw Vouw"
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