Delft Blue Commemorative Plates

Do you need a personalized birth plate, wedding plate, a commemorative or an anniversary plate? We can arrange it for you.

An anniversary, birth or marriage plate is truly original gift and a permanent reminder of an important event that for will for many years occupy a prominent place. 

The plates are made of Delftware porcelain and the text of the event is handwritten by an artist after which the plates are baked. This process takes some time, usually approximately 2-3 weeks before a plate can be sent to you.

Do you have a suggestion for a special text? On some plates it may also be possible to place a text on the back side. You can always contact us if you have questions about a certain type of plate.

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  1. Birt plate Stork, Winter
    Birt plate Stork, Winter
  2. Sku: 231
    Birth plate Delft blue 2
  3. Birth plate   Stork, Summer
    Birth plate Stork, Summer
  4. Birth plate  Stork, Autumn
    Birth plate Stork, Autumn
  5. Birth plate Color
    Birth plate Color
  6. Birth plate Blue
    Birth plate Blue
  7. Birth plate Pink
    Birth plate Pink
  8. Birth plate Stork, Spring
    Birth plate Stork, Spring
  9. Sku: 1810
    Commemorative Plate, Delft blue
  10. Marriage Plate 24cm
    Marriage Plate 24cm
  11. Sku: 1809
    Marriage Plate, Delft blue
  12. Sku: 2477
    Millplate, memory
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