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Dutch traditional costume from Volendam for adults and children. Very suitable for photo occasions. We supply ladies, men, boys and girls costumes.
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The Dutch costume is the clothing that a large part of the population traditionally wore. There are still a number of villages and municipalities in the Netherlands where they still wear traditional costumes, generally by older women. But this is getting less quickly. If it used to be that you met a Marker or Volendam woman in traditional costume at the bus stop, you will not see this now.

The village costume is inspired by the civilian clothes from the big cities, because the changes in the countryside went slower than in the cities much of this costume has been preserved while my in the cities has long ceased to be in traditional costume. In general, men's men were fading faster than women's women, except perhaps in Urk where this thought was still being used.

There is a big difference between the daily clothes and the (very expensive) Sunday clothes. Also because the making of the clothes is very intensive handicrafts, only a few new "real" costumes are made.

The costumes above were made according to Volendam's model, but instead of the thick woolen fabric of the original costumes, they are made of cotton. A much lighter material that ensures that the costumes can be worn in the tropics. Most modern Vollendammer costumes are made for special occasions and photo sessions.