10 English language websites about the Netherlands

10 English language websites about the Netherlands

This post is for those who are interested in what is happening in the Netherlands, but don’t speak the Dutch language. There are are many blogs and facebook pages that track events as they occur in the Netherlands in English.

This post list ten of those blogs and news websites that regularly report on events in the Netherlands in English.

How to keep track of so many different news sources and avoid information overload?

You can for example add them to Feedly, which is a blog reader that shows you which news site have published new articles worth reading.

Listed in alphabetical order:

1. 24 Oranges –  http://www.24oranges.nl

24 oranges is a Netherlands-based, English-language blog about anything Dutch. It posts fun, interesting, weird, cool, and otherwise unique content (or as they describe it : “Dutch things pressed for your pleasure”)

2. Dutch Daily News – http://www.dutchdailynews.com

The Dutch Daily News offers its readers content that includes the latest Dutch news, International, Business, Entertainment, Technology and Health news. It covers, analyzes, comments on and defines the news, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and personalities that drive the Netherlands.

3. Dutch Language Blog – http://blogs.transparent.com/dutch/

This blog posts regular articles about the Dutch language. It is run by Transparent Language in the USA, which provides Dutch language courses.

4. Dutch News – http://www.dutchnews.nl/

Dutch News aim is to provide broad coverage of the main Dutch news so that non-Dutch speakers are kept up to date with events. Dutch news covers all sorts of news, from politics and economic developments to crime and sport.

5.  Holland News – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/netherlands/

This is a link to the British Telegraph newspaper, containing a list of all of their articles related to the Netherlands.

6. I am Expat – http://www.iamexpat.nl/

This site is focused on the needs of expats as they start and live their lives in the Netherlands. It provides not just news, but also insights and practical information for expats.

7. Invading Holland – http://www.invadingholland.com/

Not a news site, or an information website. This is a personal blog, one expats daily struggle with the weirdness of living in the Netherlands. There are many personal expat living in the Netherlands blogs on the internet, we will add more in a future post !

8. Netherlands – http://www.theguardian.com/world/netherlands

The Guardian is a british Newspaper, and one that provides unlimited reading for free. This link goes straight to their list of articles related to the Netherlands.

9. NL Times – http://www.nltimes.nl/

This small team writes articles based on events in the Netherlands keeping expats informed about things that matter to them.

10. Netherlands by Numbers – http://netherlandsbynumbers.com/
This website really breaks it down. Everything you can imagine about the Netherlands in numbers and lists.

11. Stuff Dutch People Like – http://stuffdutchpeoplelike.com/

Bonus item. There is 11 in this list. If you are interested in a quirky look at the Dutch and their weird habbits, Stuff Dutch People Like will likely tickle your funny bone.