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In our Amsterdam Souvenir section you will find some of the best Amsterdam souvenirs and amsterdam merchandise on offer ! We offer a great selection of small and easy to bring gifts. Amsterdam souvenirs are a great way remind your relatives, friends and partners abroad of the Netherlands capital of cool. And the best of all ? Order your souvenirs with us online, and we ensure that it arrives at your home, making this souvenir shopping trip as quick and easy as possible.

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  1. Amsterdam Hoodie - Skull Crew Amsterdam
    Amsterdam Hoodie - Skull Crew Amsterdam
    As low as €29.95
  2. Bottle opener/fridgemagnet "Weed, Amsterdam"
    Bottle opener/fridgemagnet "Weed, Amsterdam"
    Now Only €5.95 Regular Price €6.25
  3. Bottleopener / magnet Amsterdam Canalhouses
    Bottleopener / magnet Amsterdam Canalhouses
    Now Only €2.75 Regular Price €2.99
  4. Spectacle case & lens cloth "Weed Amsterdam"
    Spectacle case & lens cloth "Weed Amsterdam"
    Now Only €6.95 Regular Price €11.95
  5. Giftset Mug "Amsterdam Bike City"
    Giftset Mug "Amsterdam Bike City"
    Now Only €7.95 Regular Price €8.95
  6. Giftset Mug "Delft Blue Mug"
    Giftset Mug "Delft Blue Mug"
    Now Only €7.95 Regular Price €8.95
  7. Christmas pendant "Amsterdam Houses"
    Christmas pendant "Amsterdam Houses"
    Now Only €7.85 Regular Price €8.95
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Amsterdam souvenir shop

At the Holland Winkel we have a huge collection of Amsterdam souvenirs online. For yourself, a friend or a distant friend? There is something for men, ladies and children! The souvenirs run from Clothing & accessories, Bags, Gadgets to Office supplies. What about an Amsterdam photo frame, key ring, bottle opener or lighter? And of course we also have practical gifts because there are mousemads, calendars, pens and notepads.

Amsterdam in brief

The souvenirs of Amsterdam show many of the most important periods in the history of Amsterdam. Because in addition to contemporary Amsterdam, more than 700 years of history can be found in the city.

The history of Amsterdam dates back to the 13th century. The construction of the dam in the Amstel merged several villages. From that moment on it becomes a city and the city starts to grow rapidly. Nowadays "De Dam" is located on this spot, and it is also the place where you can find many important buildings such as the monument on the dam and the royal palace and the new church.

The new and old church

The oldest church in Amsterdam is the "Oude Kerk". The church dates from 1306 and was originally Catholic. During the reformation the Oude Kerk, it became a Protestant cathedral. Nowadays the church is surrounded by the Red Light District. In the 16th century, many Portuguese-Jewish families fled to Amsterdam to escape the Inquisition. They had relatively much freedom in Amsterdam and built the Portuguese synagogue where you can find the Watelooplein.

The canal belt

Although the canal system of the inner city of Amsterdam dates back to the 16th century, the most important waterways were built between 1613 and 1665. Thanks to this water network, traders could quickly transport goods through the city and significantly stimulate Dutch trade. Important canals are the Prinsengracht, Kaizersgracht, Herengracht and Singel.


The Dutch master painter Rembrandt van der Rijn spent nearly 20 years living and working in the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam in a house on the Jodenbreestraat. Rembrandt created many of his most famous paintings during this period, including his most iconic work, the Night Watch.

Anne Frank

During the Second World War, German troops occupied Amsterdam and carried thousands of Jewish people to concentration camps outside the Dutch border. For a number of years Anne Frank hid her family in a hidden apartment in the Jordaan, before she was caught by the German police. After the war, her hiding address was converted into a museum that commemorates the Franks and other victims of the Holocaust.