Handmade Jewelry

Our delft blue jewelry, like bracelets and necklaces, are made by hand of ceramic, wooden, glass or artificial beads. We also offer earrings, silverplated jewelry, Zeeland jewelrey and cufflinks. Further more jewelry boxes etc .Wrist sizes in inches are mentioned in the description. This is in general the maximum possible size.

A new item is jewelry made with real gems. Have a look at them!

You will find jewelry in delft blue colors, or inspired by more traditional Dutch designs such as those from Zeeland province.

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  1. Bracelet 8mm Amethist beads
    Bracelet 8mm Amethist beads
  2. Bracelet Blue
    Bracelet Blue
  3. Bracelet Cherryquartz with strass
    Bracelet Cherryquartz with strass
    Now Only €7.95 Regular Price €9.95
  4. Bracelet lilac roses
    Bracelet lilac roses
  5. Bracelet Pink Flowers
    Bracelet Pink Flowers
    Now Only €6.95 Regular Price €9.95
  6. Bracelet Yellow
    Bracelet Yellow
  7. Ceramic box with Rooster
    Ceramic box with Rooster
  8. Children bracelet 3 stars
    Children bracelet 3 stars
  9. Earrings green weedleaves
    Earrings green weedleaves
  10. Earrings Ibiza in bronze and green
    Earrings Ibiza in bronze and green
    Now Only €9.00 Regular Price €11.50
  11. Jewel box Roses, small
    Jewel box Roses, small
    Now Only €29.50 Regular Price €33.90
  12. Jewel case Apple
    Jewel case Apple
    Now Only €29.50 Regular Price €35.95
  13. Jewelbox Roses, large
    Jewelbox Roses, large
    Now Only €29.50 Regular Price €36.95
  14. Necklace Amsterdam K01
    Necklace Amsterdam K01
  15. Necklace red tulip
    Necklace red tulip
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Items 1-100 of 140

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