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Dutch souvenirs online

The Holland Winkel is an online souvenir shop where you can find a large selection of the most beautiful Dutch souvenirs that we can deliver from stock quickly. The Holland Winkel has been supplying typical Dutch souvenirs and gifts to Dutch people in the Netherlands and abroad since 2002, because whether it is for a distant friend or a close neighbor, we always have a nice gift for you!

Typical Dutch

Souvenirs make a perfect gift and they come in all shapes and sizes. Because of the enormous popularity of the Netherlands with tourists there is a huge selection of great souvenirs. Whether it's a nice Dutch t-shirt or an Amsterdam coffee cup, the range is varied and of high quality.

What are really typical Dutch things? The Netherlands is a flat country, with fields full of cows. It is therefore not surprising that we do a lot of cycling in our country. In addition, something really typical Dutch is our love for liquorice and paprika chips. These foods are not so well known abroad. Fries with mayonnaise, or peanutbutter always taste slightly different abroad. Dutch people drink a lot of coffee and tea. In the afternoon we like to eat a slice of bread with cheese or chocolate sprinkles. During king's day or when the national team plays soccer everyone is wearing orange. Another important characteristic is that we are all different, because that is also Dutch.

Dutch themes

The most important themes for souvenirs are Holland, Amsterdam, cycling, cows, cheese, tulips, windmills and what we can not forget in this list: Dutch clogs. This may sound cliché, but it makes these souvenirs recognizable worldwide.

Dutch museums are world famous. The historical Dutch artworks of painters like Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt attract thousands of tourists every year. They all want to see the beautiful works such as the Sunflowers, Almond Blossom, Girl with Pearl, Milkmaid, and of course the Night Watch with their own eyes. Rightly so! These are works that remain attractive because of their beautiful colors and details.

Of course we also have Frisian, Rotterdam, Hague and Utrecht souvenirs, but unfortunately the choice is much less extensive.

Kissing pair and weed leaves

Naturally, the Amsterdam cannabis leaves and the Dutch kissing pair are known within these themes. At a wedding, a kissing couple is always very popular to give as a gift to guests. Of course there are also kissing peasants and kissing peasant women in our assortment! Dutch tulips have bright colors and add a nice touch to anything. And with that piece of cheese, don't forget a Dutch cheese slicer!

Amsterdam souvenirs

The Amsterdam canals are world famous and on the World Heritage list. The silhouettes of Amsterdam houses are frequently found on Amsterdam souvenirs. The Amsterdam coat of arms with the three black Andreas crosses on a red shield is iconically one of the best city arms in the world. It is displayed everywhere on Amsterdam souvenirs. Do you wonder why the year 1275 is practically on everything? This is because in the year 1275 Amsterdam received its city rights for the first time. In addition to canals, bicycles and weed leaves all make Amsterdam famous.

Gift wrapping

We have all kinds of nice packaging and materials that can make your gifts even more fun! Giving a Dutch gift in a tulip bag or a Delft blue gift bag makes giving and receiving it much more fun!

Netherlands Souvenirs from Holland

Since 2002 we have are located in North Holland, just outside of Amsterdam close to many of the most famous tourist sites in the Netherlands.