Budget Souvenirs

You go on a (world) trip and then it is good to bring a small but cheap Dutch souvenir. These are light and easy to carry. Has anyone helped you a lot with something then you have an instant gift that is also very Dutch!

Our wooden clogs and clog key rings are always very popular because you can easily put a small stock in your backpack. The stone lump keychain are also not expensive but weigh a lot more. Perhaps not so suitable when you are backpacking through the Himalayas.

Souvenirs do not have to be expensive and all budget souvenirs on this page cost less than 3 euros. Of course we have many more nice gifts. Therefore, take a look around our website. Because we have beautiful and nice gifts for all occasions.

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  1. Gift Card "Happy Birthday" with keychain
    Gift Card "Happy Birthday" with keychain
    Now Only €1.25 Regular Price €1.50
  2. Coaster "Miffy as Artist"
    Coaster "Miffy as Artist"
    Now Only €1.35 Regular Price €1.50
  3. Magnet "Amsterdam Wooden Tulips"
    Magnet "Amsterdam Wooden Tulips"
    Now Only €1.50 Regular Price €2.50
  4. Glass magnet "Royal Palace of Amsterdam"
    Glass magnet "Royal Palace of Amsterdam"
    Now Only €1.99 Regular Price €2.50
  5. Glass magnet "Skinny Bridge"
    Glass magnet "Skinny Bridge"
    Now Only €1.99 Regular Price €2.50
  6. Glass magnet "Girl with Pearl"
    Glass magnet "Girl with Pearl"
    Now Only €1.99 Regular Price €2.50
  7. Wooden shawl clog, yellow
    Wooden shawl clog, yellow
    Now Only €1.99 Regular Price €2.50
  8. Magnet VW beatle car
    Magnet VW beatle car
    Now Only €1.99 Regular Price €2.25