Typical Dutch Gifts

Typical Dutch Gifts

A typical Dutch gift can be anything. There is always something really nice and special for both young and old.

Because whether we receive visitors or go to visit, a gift to mark the occasion will always be appreciated. 

It is sometimes amazing how many nice and high-quality products are made that we consider being “really typical Dutch”. This is of course because so many people visit the Netherlands every year, but also because Dutch people really travel often and like to visit other countries. And you make yourself so much more welcome if you bring a small present. 

To give a present

How can you give a host, hostess, or visitor a real Dutch gift? T-shirts are always popular for younger people. If that is unsuitable, or if you want to give something small to many people, a box with clog keyrings is light and easy to take with you.

A cheerful cap, tasty sweets, syrup waffles, or the famous kissing couple. And no, not boring, nice and fresh designs make them really attractive. Of course, your gift doesn't have to be just fun, it can also be practical.

Kitchen textiles such as a kitchen towel or towels give a real Dutch touch to a house. And of course, a nice piece of cheese with a real Dutch cheese slicer or cheese knife is always welcome.


As a decoration or a slightly more formal gift, Delftware is truly Dutch. The typical Dutch tulip vases with their special spouts for the tulips cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Delft blue wall plates vary from traditional (landscapes, windmills) to modern (the eleven cities tour, mopeds) or even colored (the golden age).

At Holland Winkel we offer you a choice of many thousands of souvenirs, so whether it is a single gift or even several Dutch gifts, we are there for you.

Feel free to start with our huge souvenir collection, delft blue, and typical Dutch t-shirts. We ship everything worldwide, so whether it has to go to Amsterdam, Ede, or Cape Town, we pack it well for you.

If you would like to know more, please contact us by e-mail (info@hollandwinkel.nl), or telephone (0299-406060).


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