Online Souvenir Store

Online Souvenir Store

Online Souvenir Store

The Holland Winkel is an online souvenir store, and we have been since our opening in 2002. Buying on the internet was still quite unusual at the time, but the many Dutch people abroad discovered us quickly. Because how do you get a nice and typical Dutch gift if you live far away? In addition to souvenirs, we also sold pancake flour, stew, and much more.


Many of our early customers where Dutch who have emigrated to Azie, Australia, the US, and even further. And for them, a fresh supply of licorice was pure nostalgia.

The packages were sent around the world by slow mail and were sometimes on the road for months. There was no track & trace so you had to hope it arrived. Nowadays this is (almost) always faster and easier.

Nowadays buying online is much more common, but in the Netherlands, not everyone lives near a souvenir shop. Through our online store, we offer a huge amount of choice. We now have many thousands of nice souvenirs and gifts in our warehouse.

Wanted: Amsterdam Souvenirs Online

Only Amsterdam and Dutch souvenirs? No, we will not forget the other parts of the Netherlands. Because of course Rotterdam, The Hague, and Volendam are also represented. Or a few clogs with the Frisian flag?

Gifts with meaning

Our goal is to offer typical Dutch gifts for every occasion that needs a Dutch touch. Whether it is a wedding abroad, a birth, the train trip to Asia, or a delegation that comes to visit, there is something for everyone.

Fortunately, we no longer have to explain how to buy online. We have kept up with the times and offer all possible ways to pay online.

Everything goes faster, but we still pack each package carefully. Whether it has to go to Texel or to Australia!


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