Delft Blue in Modern Interiors

Delft Blue in Modern Interiors

Are you looking for something special for your home or to give as a gift? And should it be something truly Dutch? Modern or traditional Delft blue is very suitable to give a house a typical Dutch atmosphere. For example with a Delft blue a vase or a wall plate. At Holland Winkel we have an extensive collection of both modern and more traditional designs. And not just to look at or admire, there is also a lot you can use on a daily basis.

Delft blue vases as decoration

Delft Blue vases are split into two major categories. The regular Delft blue vases, and then there are the Delft blue tulip vases. The latter have the famous tulip spout, in which you can place fresh tulips. Ever since tulips arrived in the Netherlands in the late 16th century, it was clear that Delft blue and bright tulip colors contrast beautifully.

Mary Stuart (William the III's wife) was an avid gardener and collected flowers, plants and birds from all over the world. She was so fond of tulips and tulip vases that she had many beautiful vases made in Delft to give as a gift.

Delft blue plates as decoration

From the classic Delft blue Dutch drawings, we have a wide choice of Delft blue wall plates that you can hang on the wall. These plates have Dutch themes with tulips, windmills and beautiful landscapes. But modern times are also very well represented, new painters are designing images that show very recognizable modern themes.

The history of Delft Blue

Dutch pottery was inspired by the “real” Chinese porcelain that came to the Netherlands via the VOC. Chinese porcelain was sought after, but very expensive. Delft blue porcelain was made as a cheaper version. Because the special earth (kaolin) that was used for this purpose in China was not discovered in Europe until much later, the European porcelain was actually just pottery with a white-blue decoration. Around 1700, no fewer than a hundred factories were active in the city of Delft and it's surrounding area.

Delft blue as inspiration

The Delft blue pattern is everywhere and not only on pottery. Today you can see a reproduction of well-known Delft blue drawings that were once drawn on tiles (such as children playing) on, for example, towels, tea towels and oven gloves.